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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"I am not a Muslim, but a committed Christian"

This is what that the would-(may) -be head of the world's super power declared. He is in line to the most powerful political throne in the world. He is the one who poses the biggest hurdle in the path of the Clintons.

Yes, the title is what Obama declared recently (You can read about it in his website). He has been portrayed wrongly by some sections of the media as a Muslim who has undergone radical training and on the verge of becoming a terrorist. Someone started a chain letter about Obama's dark past and how he will become a threat to US. So, it became necessary for him for such a declaration to save his soul(and votes) and maintain the popularity.

Everything started because his middle name is Hussein. But this brings out another dark reality. America has also started playing religion-politics. Till now, it was mainly in the Asian countries(read India) where religion came into play when elections came. (Well, now it has degenerated into caste based politics). Now, we have a good and super-powerful companion. Maybe this will make the nuclear deal more India-friendly.

But, I venture to speculate that if September 1,2001 was just another ordinary day; if the stairs and elevators of World Trade Center were still there, this would not have been the case. The entire world's perception and take on Islam changed drastically with just this day. Now, everywhere, a Muslim is treated with a biased mindset. (I remember reading an article long back(think it's Hindu) about a Muslim complaining that where ever there is a random checking, he is checked and cross-checked!).

Well, Obama recently said something which clearly puts him as Indian unfriendly. It seems like he is taking the same route that John Kerry took four years back. I am not going to write about it here, but you can check it at Times of India and Swamp Politics.

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