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Friday, January 18, 2008

Google, my best friend

Sometime back, I wrote some of my Googlian thoughts. Soulwitness pointed out that this has turned into a phobia. Well, I thought, I will take off from there.

Google has integrated into our life in such a way that it has blended properly into our daily routine. We consider it as, maybe like the house we live in, or maybe the clothes we wear. The way our life changed in the span of last decade has been really impressive. Even though there was a dot com and knowledge explosion, we are in control. And isn't Google the controller?

When I don't get internet, I get a feeling that I am lonely. I want to be connected, always online, reading the never ending resources, getting and replying to mails (I prefer email than chat), networking with others through orkut, swim around in blogosphere, and finally, write something. Internet is another world. There is no need of secondlife; the Web is itself another life. And Google is my best and dearest friend. A friend who is always up for me, whatever time it is; a friend who will bring things to me; a friend who helps me traverse the New World; a friend who can also bring money to me!

So, if one day, if my friend is no more, what will I do? Well, I have some other less-close friends like Yahoo (who is a messy person) and MSN (who is pretty bossy) and Ask (who doesn't have a bit of self-respect, always behaves like a butler!!). But still, without Google, I am reduced to a HUMAN!

So, along with my morning prayer, I add this too : "May my dear friend Google have a long life, may his brains be always up, may his knowledge increase everyday(and brings me more money!!)".

Well, any thoughts?

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soulwitness said...

hey Visakh, got red hot pics from one of the most happening events in Chennai... want them? or even better why dont you help me to guest blog :)

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