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Friday, January 25, 2008

From Chirac to Sarkozy

Come tomorrow, we will be celebrating one more Republic Day with all pomp and glory. After Jacques Chirac in 1976, we are having the President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy as the guest of honour. Well, it seems really good for India.

If you check the list of guests so far, we had the Premiers of only four European countries - France, Ireland, Greece and Portugal. Except for Russian President Vladimir Putin last year, all others were those whose voice and opinions will not turn many heads. And even worse, one has become the superpower's enemy (Iran).

Maybe, the visit of two powerful heads of powerful nations in 2007 and 2008 will turn many heads. It is also Sarkozy's second visit to Asia, the first being to China. Even though he has been in the media for over-exposure of personal relationship, still he is the French President.

Since India has been the centre of attention among the superpowers for sometime mainly because of the 123 agreement, Sarkozhy's visit can bring many things in our favour. As France is a major member of Nuclear Suppliers Group(NSG), I hope that something useful will turn up.

India has been trying for a permanent membership in the Security Council for a long time. At one point, it was even said that US supported our membership. As we got two major members of security council as the guests in the last two years, I have some positive feelings about that also.

Gordon Brown's visit preceding Sarkozhy's and a week before Republic Day is also a good factor for us. I hope that we will be seeing some other major power from Europe next year. Or can it be the super power itself?

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