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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Those who are travelling around in Chennai these days would have noted this billboard ad. Just two words, QUIT CHENNAI ! in a classic looking background. If you care to see closely, the background comprises of sentences in Tamil. (I don't know to read Tamil, so can't speculate what those sentences means)

I feel that this is a case of Shock Advertising. As the word means, it is used to create a buzz and some controversy on the matter. Whoever seeing this ad, will be feeling a bit dazzled and will check out what the ad is about. If they can't find it anywhere, it will create a kind of hype around it. And, they will constantly monitor that billboard to see what it is.

But here, we have an ad that projects in a negative sense. It is similar to saying INDIA BLACK OUT and showing Reliance Power or SACHIN OUT and showing a new MRF tyre. (Note that these two ads are just my imagination and have not appeared anywhere). It creates hype for the brand but will have a negative effect on the brand perception. (I remember seeing an one ad that told very little of itself all the day from Monday to Saturday and turned out to be a soap on Sunday, I still hate that brand).

I don't yet know what this QUIT CHENNAI ! is. Maybe some hotel or maybe some newspaper. Anyway, I will be checking it everyday (since is passes it everyday on my way to office) and will update on it.

And for the people who haven't seen it yet, you can catch a glimpse of it in Old Mahabalipuram Road(OMR) somewhere between CTS and TCS (just change order of one letter!!), near Koyambedu (CMBT) bus stand, one near Velachery Bus Stand and I think I saw one somewhere around Guindy.

Updates - The replacement for QUIT CHENNAI! is "The Land of Gold". Yup, its some other real estate group. And nothing other than MARG. Digital Journo has written in detail about it.

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