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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Assam Shame and Indian Media

Recently,most of our channels have been playing the sensational news of torture of an adivasi women in Assam. It was a terrible news. And it is a big shame for India. But haven't some of you got the feeling that the news channels are craving for such sensational news and are really happy when such news comes so that they can mint it and make a hell lot of money.

On monday night, all of the Indian english news channels have started playing the "sensational news". And it was well supplemented with pictures. (At least they kept her face blurred). The "slideshow" was well made with a good background music. Anyway, they made a good news out of it.

But the statement made by the anchor still echoes in my mind. After giving the details of all that happened over there in Assam, she said, "Before going to next news,(let me remind you that) all the day,we will be following this story". Which literally means they will be repeating the slideshow the entire day. And if possible,with some new photos.

If I was among the adivasis and had seen the news reports, I would have certainly joined some demonstration the next day itself. The repeated broadcast of these reports will surely instigate retailatory actions. I doesn't seem like the editors are thinking about the aftermaths when they give such a publicity and all day coverages.

(I even thought that some localised channels like the one who trapped the Delhi school teacher in a fake sting operation will go out of limits and play un-censored photos or videos just to increase TRP)

News channels and newspapers should keep their own restrictions and policies about reporting sensitive news. Its not that they should not report such news. India is a democracy and all have the right to know what is going down. Report it, but underplay the news. That strategy was taken up the next day's The Hindu. They reported the news, but underplayed it. Some tabloids would have devoted the entire front page to this news to capture readers. That is unethical.

All the channels and newspapers should come together voluntarily and form a council that will frame some guidelines to follow to make the reporting of Indian media, a bit more ethical.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Bhool Bhulaiyaa - Forget everything, including the money paid for the ticket!!

It's very late for a review, but I can't help myself from writing one. The other day I made the biggest mistake that I made recently in my life..I saw Bhool Bhulaiyaa!!!

Being an ardent fan of the 1993 malayalam classic Manichitrathazhu, I was very much inquisitive to know how Priyadarshan changes the tone of the story to suit an all India audience. And I was totally fooled by the director.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa is the worst remake that anyone can make for any film. It sucks in every aspect. Almost all scenes(expect two extra scenes that were added) are a direct translation from the malayalam one. And an unwatchable performance by the actors.

Shiney Ahuja used to be a good actor. I liked his movie Hazharon Khwahishen Aisi. It seemed like he had good potential to make a mark in the big screen. But, here he fails miserably. He has made a mockery of the young husband, played by our dear Suresh Gopi. And the truth that no one can match Shobana's portrayal remains intact. Vidya Balan has shown that she is a very poor copy cat.

Akshay Kumar, the highest tax payer from Indian film industry will give you vibes at some point of time. But if you compare with our Mohanlal, nothing. But as a whole, its is only Akshay Kumar's performance that stands out.
(I am not talking about Amisha Patel as she has failed in every aspect. And she looks very old!!)

Music, by Pritam is rocking. But the sad part is the Hare Rama Hare Krishna songs was cut. But, with the choreography of the other songs, Priyadarshan has done only an average job.

Camera is really bad. In some scenes, where you have to really see the facial expression of the actors(especially that of Paresh Rawal), we are presented with a very long shot. This makes it really unworthy and I had a feeling that maybe the actors were not able to express themselves properly.

As a fellow blogger wrote, Manichitrathazhu has been raped apart in Bhool Bhulaiyaa. In short, I lost 150 bucks for nothing. Never in your life watch a Priyan's movie if it is a remake of one of our old classics.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gosh!! Is this the way Google looked in 1998

Recently I blundered into a website. And it was the best one I found out recently. The site is called "Internet Archive" (

The name itself speaks for it. It's a place where you can archive files and save it for future use or future generations. Don't mistake it for a normal file uploading site. Internet Archive is intented to store articles, videos, audio..evrything for reference purpose.

I clicked on an interesting link in the site. It is called "waybackmachine" (find it directly @ And then started the stuff that amazed me!!

Waybackmachine stores(or rather archives) websites. Not all, but popular. As usual, I tried with And I got a page that showed it had 3305 results from 1998 onwards. That was cool!! I clicked on Nov 11, 1998 and got this page.

Isn't it cool!! Its true that Google is still following the same style now also. There were lot of other archives done on different dates. A glance through them gave an idea of how the search engine mammoth grew.

Now, I thought of checking Google's competitor, Yahoo's transition. It gave pages starting from 1996 onwards. (Waybackmachine was started in 1996). In October 1996, this was how Yahoo looked like.

Well, it's cluttered with all links then also.

Its a great timepass and also gives you insight of the changing pattern of web designing. Anyway, when I saw all these, I came up with a business plan.

If you can have a site that stores how the internet looked like years back, why can't we have another site that shows how it will look like in the future. Do you hear a bell ringing? Call me if you have plans to start one. :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Moneybhai - The Ultimate Game

These days, I am very much addicted to stock trading. I don't care for losses and gains. I started off with Rs.25 lakhs in hand and now I have around Rs.24 lakhs in my portfolio. Even after the small lose I suffered, I haven't given up stock trading. I am selling and buying a lot. And I don't care, because its a GAME.

I have found the ultimate game of stock trading. Welcome to MoneyBhai. Its cool. Its fun. Its informative. And, sometimes, you can win prizes also.

Does I sound like being paid to blog? If so, I guarantee that its not so and I just want to increase competition in Moneybhai.

I made an account in this site around 1 year back. But, due to lack of time and other things, I didn't play often. But, now when I started playing, I found it addictive as well as informative.

Moneybhai is a venture of Network 18(it owns CNN IBN). Just log on and give an email and password to start an account. Confirm your email and start playing. You start with Rs.25 lakhs in hand. You can sell and buy only on weekdays between 10 am and 3pm. It adds to the feel of doing an actual stock trading. You can also do short sell and short cover. You have a messageboard and lot of other things. And finally, if you feel that you have done a really bad job and on the verge of bankrupt, with a single click, you can reset your portfolio to Rs.25 lakhs cash.

I found really entertaining and informative. The first thing that I do everyday morning is to read economic times epaper. (Its free and cool!!).

Check out moneybhai today itself. And enjoy playing.

PS: One good thing is that while almost all game sites are blocked in office, Moneybhai is not and will not be(unless they find some enormous flow of data to a particular IP. Don't worry, your boss will be playing it in his office).

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

India's Suitings - The New Face

The last day, when I was watching TV, i got interested in some ads. Especially of some suitings.

Recently, India's leading suiting brands have come out with a very aggresive marketing strategy. Each has it own brand ambassador, each defining its own fashion statement.

First came the effervescent SRK with Belmonte. I think many of us haven't even heard of this brand before this ad came. The ad in short - A girl says on TV that SRK is cool and sexy. SRK watches this on TV and notices the dull face of her BF. The next day, the BF becomes SRK look-alike and the girl is happy;i mean..both are happy..That's the change Belmonte can bring..

Not such a bright idea..but still..because of SRK it will have takers (Even last week, when I went for some shopping, I asked for Belmonte. But whether I bought or not is another question..)

Mayur is back with a bang with "Mayur Salman Khan". Maybe an understatement (or is it an overstatement. If you think in two ways, its both!!). The ad is not good..or shall I say "It sucks!!". Salman stands in front of mirror and changes his dress..thats the entire ad!! Why can't they show something like Salman shooting a blackbuck wearing a black shirt and ramming a car on someone in another shirt.

The highest tax payer of India(check this out) comes out with Grasim. This year has been very good for him with a lot of hits. Its rumored that his salary has tripled to around 12-14 crores. Akhay Kumar looks cool in the new outfits in this otherwise no-sense ad. The screen presence of Akshay steals the show. Its a good example that even a poorly made ad can be made good by gaving proper guys on screen.

The always tearful guy; the lover boy in Dil Chahta Hai, Akshay Khanna (hoped I spelled it right) has been roped in by Dinesh Mills to promote their suiting. It might get drowned by the others..but still, they also have a brand to promote.
Vimal, with "Only Vimal" came with three guys to showcase the changing face of India(especially corporate India). Its a good ad and without the star presence, it can make an effect.

Anyway, its ripe time for the suiting companies with all the market boom and the rise of youngentrepreneurs. Finally, its Make hay while the sun shines."

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