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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The World's Richest Man

'Being the world'd richest man, what kind of a feeling it is? Is it like being on top of the world? Or does it feel like you have conquered the world and now aim for the stars?' I wanted to ask Mukesh Ambani.

Yesterday night, after I got home from a tiresome job, I was taken completely by surprise when I saw this news. Initially I thought that the TV Wallahs have taken advantage of the spectacular rise of stock market to cross the 20 K mark. But, when I started seeing the same news in other channels, I understood that it has happened.

I remembered the media hype about the doom of Reliance empire when Dhirubhai died and the spat between the brothers' started. Someone even predicted the bankrupty of the company. But, both the brothers, especially Mukesh, took the company a lot forward and Reliance grew out of limits of Dhirubhai's vision.

It should be considered that the economic reforms and the market is favoring any kind of investment. This was not the case when Dhirubhai started the company.

Mukesh is an engineer with a "half MBA". He tolds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from University of Mumbai and a one year MBA experience from Stanford. (He dropped out from Stanford Business School after one year of course to help his father to build a petrochemical plant). Anyway, even without that MBA, he can do many more wonders. So, yesterday .i.e 29th October 2007, Mukesh Ambani's net asset were estimated to be $63.2 billion. He has overtaken Microsoft's Bill Gates(net asset $62.29 billion) and Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim(net asset about $62.2. Almost close to that of Gates). To my surprise, Warren Buffet has fallen down to fourth place with about $56 billion as his net asset.

There have been some controversy regarding this news (In India, what is not without controversy!). Some people say that the holdings of Mukesh's in Reliance Petroluem should not be considered as he doesn't hold anything directly.(Mukesh has holdings in Reliance Industries, Reliance Petroleum and Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd. The great telecom arm of the company that he built now belongs to Anil Ambani and falls under ADAG). With the stock market going to a feverish high, it will not take so long for Mukesh to become the world's richest with thw holdings of Reliance Industries and Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Outposts of Tyranny

What an imaginative term to describe the "worst" countries? 'Outposts of Tyranny' was used by none other than United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

And any guesses which all countries that comprises of?

1. Iran - Yeah, it should be there. After all the chaos created in Iraq (just because they thought that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction), Iran is the normal choice for the world police to practice its militray skill on. The only problem is that there is a guy out there called Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who will take any chances to get things done. And it was last day that he hinted they are making nuclear weapons, but it will take some three to seven years.

Any guesses on what the word "Iran" means?

It means 'The land of Aryans'.

2. Cuba - As any schoolboy can say, Cuba has been in the list for a long time. From the time of Castro US is getting nothing other than headache whenever they think about this communist island. Its true that there are many problems of human rights violation and censorship, Cuba does the same thing that People's Republic of China does. So why don't they include China also into the list. And don't forget that Cuba is also a member of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) which was founded by our own Jawaharlal Nehru.

3. North Korea - Its a default entry into the list. The problem between US and NK doesn't seem to end. The nuclear program and the US threats have subsided with Iran coming to centerstage, but NK never loses importance when it comes to America's foreign policy. And I agree that a part of the allegations are true as NK has a very poor image in running its own system and in its foriegn policies. And the political system of the country is described as an 'organized dictatorship'

These were the three guesses that I could make when I heard the term, 'Outposts of Tyranny'. A google search gave me the rest.

4. Myanmar - Hmm....I remember the photo in which thousands of Buddhist monks in saffron robes taking over the streets of Naypyidaw...(Naypyidaw? What is it? Hmm..its the new capital..Rangoon(renamed Yangon) is no longer the capital). Well..there is utter chaos in the country now. The military junta has made life miserable for the middle class and the poor in an otherwise resource rich country..And the house arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi from 1990 that continues to till date...seems like it comes under tyranny..and it is estimated that last year, 40% of the budget was for buying arms...

5. Zimbabwe - Robert Mugabe is there..thats all i I needed another search to find why it falls into the 'special' catergory of US...Officialy, its a democratic rule in Zimbabwe, but Mugabe party 'Zimbabwe African National Union' was the centre of attention in the elections..there are lot of allegations of vote rigging, election fraud and antimidation. Also, there has been lots of reports about wide spread human rights violation especially against opponents of the government. And media is also restricted. Even BBC and CNN has been banned.
Under the leadership of current president Robert Mugabe the economy of Zimbabwe declined from one of the strongest in Africa to one of the weakest and political tension has never been higher.80% of Zimbabweans are unemployed and inflation has soared to well over 15,000%.

These are the facts but it has happened in many African countries before. And I don't think US maintained such a list at that time.

6. Belarus - This came is as a complete surprise. Belarus is a landlocked country in eastern Europe. Its a republic. The Belarusian President since 1994 has been Alexander Lukashenko. Lukashenko was quoted as saying that he has an "authoritarian ruling style" that he uses to run the country. The Council of Europe has barred Belarus from membership since 1997 for undemocratic voting and election irregularities in the November 1996 constitutional referendum and parliament by-elections. The Belarusian government is also criticized for human rights violations and its actions against non-governmental organizations, independent journalists,national minorities, and opposition politicians. Belarus and Russia has close economic and strategic ties. Freedom of press is a problem there also but it is also present in China.

Thats all I think are the problems in Belarus as far as other countries are concerned. I didn't read anywhere that they are making WMD or nuclear weapons. The think that came up in my mind is the fact that Belarus is near Russia and a deployment of forces in near future gives them a very good strategic position.

To read more about Belarus, check this out:

I came across this term the other day when I was reading some article that talked about foreign relationship management. Eventhough they are the world power, this comment by Rice shows the degradation of their foreign policies.
Throw in your comments.....

Friday, October 19, 2007


That was not the front page of Debonair, but of Economic TImes. It was a great day for newspapers and TV channels(especially the PROFIT channels) to create an unnecessary hype and make some money for themselves. I remember one day when my grandma asked me whether the thing called Stock Market, BSE and Sensex didnt exists some years back. And thought of putting a post as the answer and analysis.

The year 1991 was a great for India or lets say India Inc. Our nation opened its doors to embrace (or to fall into the abyss of) globalization. Since that year, India has been developing economically and gaining strength. Its good to see our country growing and making to the forefronts of world associations.

But why is the unnecessay importance on Sensex and the figures its displays?

Stock Market is the basis of analysis of any economy. The figure it shows relates to the strength and weakness of the economy. Nowadays, newspapers and the channels are making stock market a kind of celebrity. If it increases, they cheer. Else they make it a Black Day.

I believe that the increasing Sensex points is not at all reliable to show the strength or weakness. It justs projects the momemtary nature of the market. It has nothing to do in the long time.
The volatality of the sensex is more important that the value. Volatality means the points that it lost or gained in a trading session. This is very high for BSE. And to make it worse, the volatality of Sensex has swinged in both directions for about half a dozen times in the last year.

Whatever be the reason, whether the P-Note or FII overflow, hope our dear and brilliant finance minister has some sort of plan to save the market from these landslides and fast gains. And pray that these channels don't make a story out of every value change in Sensex.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Hey Ram!!!!!

I think its time to speak out..all our leaders,whatever party, whatever state they might be in, have one character in common - they all make statements when some controversy i had a little thought about the recent controversy that rocked india and almost sighted the end of the rule of 'k' in tamil nadu...

It all started with that stupid affidavit filed by the otherwise committed department- ASI. Rama might not have existed, but the centuries old tradition and belief of millions of Indians are rooted deeply inside Ramayana. What will some of the staunch congressmen will feel if they are told that a man called Nehru did not exists and the first prime minister of India was Subhash Chandra Bose.

Well, I dont mean to have a comparitive study between these two. But the idea of a perfect man, Rama has been and will be the model that for millions of India's men will follow. Its not a religious sentiment.(some parties may try to take advantage of that aspect also). Its the value that the life and story of all those which is told in Ramayana that is important.

A lighter aspect : Our malayalam film industry foresaw all this long back and made a series of films with the lead character symbolising this. Take a guess..its easy...ram+sethu gives what???

Sethu Rama Iyer CBI!!!

Another October 2nd passed..according to Circuit..another dry day...its the 138th birthday of the great man....i will write a post soon about my thoughts for the day..well..on 30th January, 1948, the great man was assasinated...and what were his last words..(i think after the dialogue 'You too, Brutus' by Shakespeare's Julius Ceaser, this is the mostly remembered and quoted one..."HEY RAM!!!!")

Some extra musings - There are many controversies that surrounds this also..people say he was meaning to call Godse(his full name is Nathu Ram Godse)..whatever people say...i dont care..Gandhi was a man who stood by values...he is a lot ideal that any of us...and to congress..when u construct a new bridge somewhere in Gujarat, dont plan to call it Gandhi Sethu..ASI may come with an affidavit that Gandhi did not exists!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Heap41a - The irritating trojan - steps to remove

Many of you will be suffering from this trojan..

Symptoms : 1. Mozilla Firefox cannot be opened. If you try to open, a dialog box appears with the following message: "I dont hate mozilla..but use IE you dope"

2. Orkut, Youtube cannot be opened. If you try, it will show a dialog with the following message : "Orkut/Youtube has been blocked. Guess who did it"

Along with these dialog boxes, a lauging sound will also be played in the background.

These are the common traits of the trojan. Some variations are:

1. The option to hide files and folders will be disabled. 2. Opening Firefox may lead to system restart.

These are all caused by the files in the folder C:/heap41a
It runs a process scvhost.exe

Mode of transfer : This trojan was massively transferred through USB devices.

Steps to remove:

To delete the files, start your system in safe mode(press F8 while your system is booting up). After logging in, take start->run->c:/heap41a

Replace 'C' with the name of the drive where Windows is installed.

It will open a window. Delete all the files. Go to recycle bin and empty all.

For changing the hidden option, you can do it in regedit.

On the right side, you can see many files. Double click the checkedvalue and change its value to

1. Double click the DefaultValue and change it to 2.
Exit from Registry Editor.

Usually, these steps will remove the trojan from your system. Remember that the heap41a folder will be still there. But it wont cause any problem. If you come across any problems while removing the trojan or if you come across an different variant, please let me know.

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