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Monday, December 31, 2007

Rock n' Roll - A forced movie review

This post was actually supposed to be a review of Dileep's film Romeo, pakshe enthu cheyyana, it was houseful when I went on saturday. I looked around and saw that Rock n' Roll was running noon show in the adjacent theatre. So, I decided to give it a try. When I came out, I was in an ambivalent mood. Though a utter stupid story, I found it entertaining. Maybe because of the portrayal of our old Madras that I liked it. Or maybe because of the heroine. Think her name is some Lakshmi. Anyway, she has acted in a Bru ad.

The story is simple. A jazz drum player Chandramouli comes back to Chennai to play for his old friend. He meets budding singer Daya and falls in love with her. In order to win her, he decides to do a film. And finally he wins her.

Writer and director Ranjith has taken many aspects from his earlier film, Chandrolsavam. Remember in Chandrolsavam when Mohanlal tells Meena what he has been doing all these years - touring various countries and playing in different places. The same thing is repeated here. Sidhique, who plays music director Guna describes Chandramouli in similar terms. Other than that, some other scenes will also give a feeling (nostalgia...ha ha) of Chandrolsavam.
The cast is a regular Lalettan film type. Jagathy, Lal, Mukesh, Rahman, Hari Sree Ashokan, Manoj K Jayan(as Saidapet Giri, the don and Chandramouli's friend), Siraj etc. And there is no regular villian in the film. Well, u can say that music plays a villian as Chandramouli finds it difficult to compose tunes to sing for his girlfriend.

The biggest drawback is the music. Composed by the evergreen Vidyasagar, it fails terribly. The song when he meets Daya is an affervescent one. The climax song, which Chandramouli has painstakingly composed, reminds of the one from Niram. Background score is good and suits the mood of the film.

In total, watch it when dvd is released (and that too moser-baer!!).

My rating is 4.5/10. Avoidable.

1 comment:

THARA MANI said...

From previous releases of ranjith (except Kaiyoppu) prajapati,chandrolsavam,nasrani & rock n roll too joininig the band, its high time he should change spelling of his preferrably to RUNjith for the audience

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