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Monday, December 31, 2007

Kadha Parayumbol : A movie review

Today is going to be a D-day for me. I am completely free and have decided to give the entire day for blogging. My new year should start with all fresh memories. So, I am downloading all my memories and stuff now.

Back to film reviews. After my really horrible experience with Flash, I ventured out for the other superstar's Christmas release, "Kadha Parayumbol". I went with my family (read parents and sister; I am unmarried,any proposals?) for a film after a long time. And it turned out to be not so sour.

First thing to say is that it is not a Mamooty movie. His screen presence is very less, maybe around 35 minutes; it's Sreenivasan who dictates the movie. After a brilliant performance in Arabikadha, Sreenivasan has struck gold again.

Warning: Spoilers starts here

As you may know, it is the story of a barber whose friend is the reigning superstar Ashokraj(Mamooty). (A special note. I watched the movie five days back and I still remember the character's name. I wrote the review of Flash the next day after I watched the film and I didn't remember any of the character's name!!). Balan (Sreenivasan) is a barber in a high range village of Nellimattam. He lives with his wife Sreedevi(Meena) and three kids. Balan is portrayed as a man who will never surrender his pride and will always hold his head straight. This is portrayed in many scenes. When Jagadish starts his hi-fi barber shop in the village, Balan's business is hit. Finally, he is forced to reduce the charges. The first half an hour or so is spent in showing the general life. In between, Jagathy plays a cameo as a village officer whom Balan approaches for loan.

Things change when a movie troop comes to the village for shooting. And that movie stars Ashokraj. The villagers and excited a lot by this. But they are not allowed to see the shooting as Ashokraj's life is threatened by religious fundamentalist because of his role in the movie, Gujarat. It is at this time that the people come to know that Balan is Ashokraj's friend. They all turn to him and offer him help in many ways. These scenes show a real mockery of people who are blind when need arises and help un-necessarily when they need something from us.
Anyway, Balan refuses to see Ashokraj. He fears that Ashokraj will forget him. But, the audience will tend to believe that Balan fears that he will let down himself and his pride will be surrendered. He tries once to see Ashokraj but unsuccessful. Things go on and shooting gets over. Ashokraj agrees to inaugurate the Jubilee celebrations of a local school.

The speech during the function is good. It is well written and well orated by Mamooty. And this is the turning point. Mamooty gets eloquent and talks about his school friend Balan who helped him a lot. He says that it was Balan who gave him money to go to Madras for a chance. He says that he was not able to find him as he ran away with a girl he loved and settled somewhere else.
And in the end, everything is alright and all are happy. Ashokraj meets Balan; scolds him for not coming to him; promises to come back and take them with him.

That's all; spoilers ends here.

Except the climax I liked the film. It would have been good if Ashokraj had gone back without meeting Balan, but that is impossible. Having said this much about Balan in a speech, the villagers will surely lead him to Balan's house. But the problem is, Balan's pride has been compromised. And, it might feel as a defeat for Balan.

Anyway, its a good film. Innocent, Salim Kumar, Mukesh et al add spice to the film. One song, where the villagers praise Balan is really good. It goes like this:"Vyathyasthanamoru barberam balane, satyathilarum thiricharinjilla..."

Music is by M.Jayachandran. There is one more songs which is depicted as a song in the movie that is being filmed.

Direction is by Mohanan and Sreenivasan and Mukesh have turned producers.

My rating is 7.5/10. Worth a watch.

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sreeju said...

The movie 'Kadha Parayumbol' is not bad.But compare to other Srinivasan movies like Vadkkunokkiyanthram,chinthavishtayay shyamala,Sanmansullavarkku Samadhanam, etc..we can say that this movie is not up to the mark.
But 'Kadha Parayumbol' is far away from the recent trends of Malluwood

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