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Monday, December 31, 2007

I am a CNN-IBN Citizen Journalist

Back from the hectic work of writing movie review, I am continuing with daily notions. Before that I have an important announcement. I have become an official Citizen Journalist of CNN-IBN.

Well, it all started from my trip from Kochi to Chennai. I was on a two day official trip there and was coming back in the Chennai train which starts from Ernakulam North at 9.45 pm. As it was company booked, it got an upper berth in third A/C(second A/C was full, that's why). I fumbled with the sheets and blanket and slowly fell into the ocean of dreams.(I am not going to discuss my dreams here. Or maybe, you should take a guess!!)

When I woke up, it was around 7 am and almost all were awake. The scheduled arrival at Chennai was at 9.45 am and I had around 3 hours. I plugged in my iPod (well, I have an iPod, and I will post soon about how I got it) and looked lazily around.

What does this has to do with journalism. Around 8 o' clock came the surprise and my chance. The A\C attendant started collecting the sheets and blankets from all berths and piled it up. Guess where. Near the wash-basin and between the door. As any other train in India, it was as usual filthy and this guy carelessly threw the sheets here and there. All those who walked the way trampled on it. Who cares!! The sleeping journalist inside me arouse and I took some hidden snaps with my cellphone. (Quality maybe less as it has got only a VGA cam). Here's one snap.

The blurring that you see is a sheet on its way to the heap. The attendant was throwing one more sheet when I took the pic. Here's one more.

The sheets are washed before giving again, but what is the use? Has someone instructed them to make it dirty before washing so to make full use of washing? And the blankets? Are they washed or disinfected at any point of time? God knows!!

Well, after I came back, I uploaded the snaps in CNN-IBN Citizen Journalist website ( It got approved and they posted it. Also, they contacted me and asked me for my cell no and address and told that they want a shoot with the railway officer in charge and want me to be the journalist. (I didn't get any call till now, am waiting for it...)

Anyway, I have decided one thing. Never travel in A/C if it's my own cash. If it's a company booked one. take one or two sheets with me and don't even touch the one's that they give.

Lalu, are you watching this???

You can find the post in CNN-IBN website. ( The title I gave was "Bed sheet or bed-shit"; but they changed it to tone down the language.


Ramya said...

Oh thats really cool!! Hope u continue ur good work!


Ammar said...

All is right. the attendant should not have thrown the sheets near the door. But you also need to take into consideration the fact that the trains don't have space to properly stash the blankets. Maybe if there was some sort of a laundry area in the compartment where he could dump the used sheets it would be better. Just a thought.

Bonchi Buji said...


in all a/c coaches, there is a cupboard near the entrance where they keep the sheets and the blankets..its near the door...even then, the attendants are careless..

Ammar said...

yes you are right that there is a space near the door but what happens is the passengers go stand next to the door during the day time or when there is a queue for the toilet and in these cases it is not possible to open the cupboard. So you see there are a lot of problems associated with this, the attendant cannot be expected to keep telling every single passengers not to stand in the entrance.

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