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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Flash in a flash - A movie review

I warn all of you. I am on a one week holiday and at home. My main aim is to see all the films before I get back to work. So, my posts will be mainly reviews of the films. And in between, some politics about Gujarat.

All my friends who saw Flash warned me not to go. But, being impressed by the credibility of the director and the actor, I risked my money. And now I think I should have had a good biriyani with that cash.

Flash stars Mohanlal and Indrajith as the CEO and his subordinate of a software company. But, mind you, being CEO of that company is just one of the hats that the multi-faceted personality wears. He is also an IMA certified psychiatrist as well as Scotland Yard (is it a time pass club!) certified criminologist. (I wonder whether he did a B.Tech. Or maybe, he took it along with MBBS; part time engineering!). We are made to believe that Parvathy (the notebook girl) is Mohanlal's heroine when suddenly after some duets, he makes a promise to Indrajith that he will give Parvathy completely cured!!

If you care to continue reading, I warn you, its a spoiler. As wikipedia warns, "Spoilers starts here" (carry on, its just a joke; there cannot be any spoilers for a movie like this)

One of my friends gave the review in a line. "Flash is Manichitrathazhu + Nerariyan CBI". And now I feel, that's a perfect review. For the part of psychiatrist, they have entirely depended on the character of Sunny in Manichitrathazhu. Even the dialogues are heavily copied from it. ( I prefer not to call it heavily inspired; its plagiarism). Even the dialogue that most Malayalis will remember till the end of life, "Ithu vareyum oru mahashastrajanum sacharikatha vaykalilude enikku sancharikendi varum. (I will have to travel through new ways which no psychiatrist have dared to go)." and "Namukkelavarkkum ariyavunna aa pazhaye Gangaye thirichu tharan (to give back the Ganga whom we all knew)" have been ruthlessly copied.

The intro scene in Manichitrathazhu where Sunny comes in the pilgrim dress from Sabarimala has been copied in Flash. Here, Mohanlal makes his appearance in a "lungi" and shirt with a "thalekettu" and travelling in the ladder of a private bus. No comments!!

Nerariyan CBI, the fourth installment and the least successful of the series has been well known for its unnecessary twists. In Flash, the story-writer has tried the same way by changing the story of a murder a thousand times.

Coming to the songs, I forgot the name of the music director and lyricist. Anyway, the songs can be tolerated only once, in theatre!! Malayalam music industry has not produced a hit after "Hello". God and tamil music directors save us!!

The director,Sibi Malayil, once famous for his classics like Bharatham, Kireedom, Thaniyavarthanom etc. looks like lost in the sea of films. Lack of themes is obvious in the script of Flash. Anyway, he has been lost for sometime with Amritham, Alice in Wonderland etc.. Maybe he feels that he is in a wonderland!!!

Sidhique stands out with his style. Even though his screen presence is very less, the way he changes his style in all films is really great. And, it seems he is always a default part of Mohanlal's films. Parvathy played a mentally upset one in notebook. She reprises it again. Anyway, her acting is ok. And the girl(i don't know her name) who is her friend is really cute. Indrajith is good as a estranged lover and a software engineer. Jagathy and Jagadeesh add some spice, but at times it is sour.

And, the hero, Mohanlal cannot be justified. He really puts in a bad performance. He is unconvincing, fails at his jokes, looks like being lost in the duets.

If you really want to lose some money and verify that what I have written is true, go on and watch the film. If I am to put a rating, its 1.5/10. And the worst part is, i saw the film only yesterday and I don't remember any of the character's name!!

There's only one spoiler. Mohanlal's wife in the film. I leave it as a surprise.

And finally, a request to Mohanlal. "We all know the potential of your acting. Pls, don't act in such movies for just cash. Pls, select your script carefully. If you have any problem with cash, just tell us, the fans. We will raise money for you.


Ajith said...

ROFL..Scotland Yard, IMA & CEO of a software firm :D .. Any idea what kind of software that firm makes in the movie :) ?

soulwitness said...

Hmm thats the nanme of the movie??

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