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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Moneybhai - The Ultimate Game

These days, I am very much addicted to stock trading. I don't care for losses and gains. I started off with Rs.25 lakhs in hand and now I have around Rs.24 lakhs in my portfolio. Even after the small lose I suffered, I haven't given up stock trading. I am selling and buying a lot. And I don't care, because its a GAME.

I have found the ultimate game of stock trading. Welcome to MoneyBhai. Its cool. Its fun. Its informative. And, sometimes, you can win prizes also.

Does I sound like being paid to blog? If so, I guarantee that its not so and I just want to increase competition in Moneybhai.

I made an account in this site around 1 year back. But, due to lack of time and other things, I didn't play often. But, now when I started playing, I found it addictive as well as informative.

Moneybhai is a venture of Network 18(it owns CNN IBN). Just log on and give an email and password to start an account. Confirm your email and start playing. You start with Rs.25 lakhs in hand. You can sell and buy only on weekdays between 10 am and 3pm. It adds to the feel of doing an actual stock trading. You can also do short sell and short cover. You have a messageboard and lot of other things. And finally, if you feel that you have done a really bad job and on the verge of bankrupt, with a single click, you can reset your portfolio to Rs.25 lakhs cash.

I found really entertaining and informative. The first thing that I do everyday morning is to read economic times epaper. (Its free and cool!!).

Check out moneybhai today itself. And enjoy playing.

PS: One good thing is that while almost all game sites are blocked in office, Moneybhai is not and will not be(unless they find some enormous flow of data to a particular IP. Don't worry, your boss will be playing it in his office).

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