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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

India's Suitings - The New Face

The last day, when I was watching TV, i got interested in some ads. Especially of some suitings.

Recently, India's leading suiting brands have come out with a very aggresive marketing strategy. Each has it own brand ambassador, each defining its own fashion statement.

First came the effervescent SRK with Belmonte. I think many of us haven't even heard of this brand before this ad came. The ad in short - A girl says on TV that SRK is cool and sexy. SRK watches this on TV and notices the dull face of her BF. The next day, the BF becomes SRK look-alike and the girl is happy;i mean..both are happy..That's the change Belmonte can bring..

Not such a bright idea..but still..because of SRK it will have takers (Even last week, when I went for some shopping, I asked for Belmonte. But whether I bought or not is another question..)

Mayur is back with a bang with "Mayur Salman Khan". Maybe an understatement (or is it an overstatement. If you think in two ways, its both!!). The ad is not good..or shall I say "It sucks!!". Salman stands in front of mirror and changes his dress..thats the entire ad!! Why can't they show something like Salman shooting a blackbuck wearing a black shirt and ramming a car on someone in another shirt.

The highest tax payer of India(check this out) comes out with Grasim. This year has been very good for him with a lot of hits. Its rumored that his salary has tripled to around 12-14 crores. Akhay Kumar looks cool in the new outfits in this otherwise no-sense ad. The screen presence of Akshay steals the show. Its a good example that even a poorly made ad can be made good by gaving proper guys on screen.

The always tearful guy; the lover boy in Dil Chahta Hai, Akshay Khanna (hoped I spelled it right) has been roped in by Dinesh Mills to promote their suiting. It might get drowned by the others..but still, they also have a brand to promote.
Vimal, with "Only Vimal" came with three guys to showcase the changing face of India(especially corporate India). Its a good ad and without the star presence, it can make an effect.

Anyway, its ripe time for the suiting companies with all the market boom and the rise of youngentrepreneurs. Finally, its Make hay while the sun shines."

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