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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gosh!! Is this the way Google looked in 1998

Recently I blundered into a website. And it was the best one I found out recently. The site is called "Internet Archive" (

The name itself speaks for it. It's a place where you can archive files and save it for future use or future generations. Don't mistake it for a normal file uploading site. Internet Archive is intented to store articles, videos, audio..evrything for reference purpose.

I clicked on an interesting link in the site. It is called "waybackmachine" (find it directly @ And then started the stuff that amazed me!!

Waybackmachine stores(or rather archives) websites. Not all, but popular. As usual, I tried with And I got a page that showed it had 3305 results from 1998 onwards. That was cool!! I clicked on Nov 11, 1998 and got this page.

Isn't it cool!! Its true that Google is still following the same style now also. There were lot of other archives done on different dates. A glance through them gave an idea of how the search engine mammoth grew.

Now, I thought of checking Google's competitor, Yahoo's transition. It gave pages starting from 1996 onwards. (Waybackmachine was started in 1996). In October 1996, this was how Yahoo looked like.

Well, it's cluttered with all links then also.

Its a great timepass and also gives you insight of the changing pattern of web designing. Anyway, when I saw all these, I came up with a business plan.

If you can have a site that stores how the internet looked like years back, why can't we have another site that shows how it will look like in the future. Do you hear a bell ringing? Call me if you have plans to start one. :)

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Gv said...

Wow...Good site man. And to just think how far google has reached now!
Apart from search, it has ventured into so many other new applications also which not many are aware of. This site is worth giving a visit.

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