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Friday, October 5, 2007

Hey Ram!!!!!

I think its time to speak out..all our leaders,whatever party, whatever state they might be in, have one character in common - they all make statements when some controversy i had a little thought about the recent controversy that rocked india and almost sighted the end of the rule of 'k' in tamil nadu...

It all started with that stupid affidavit filed by the otherwise committed department- ASI. Rama might not have existed, but the centuries old tradition and belief of millions of Indians are rooted deeply inside Ramayana. What will some of the staunch congressmen will feel if they are told that a man called Nehru did not exists and the first prime minister of India was Subhash Chandra Bose.

Well, I dont mean to have a comparitive study between these two. But the idea of a perfect man, Rama has been and will be the model that for millions of India's men will follow. Its not a religious sentiment.(some parties may try to take advantage of that aspect also). Its the value that the life and story of all those which is told in Ramayana that is important.

A lighter aspect : Our malayalam film industry foresaw all this long back and made a series of films with the lead character symbolising this. Take a guess..its easy...ram+sethu gives what???

Sethu Rama Iyer CBI!!!

Another October 2nd passed..according to Circuit..another dry day...its the 138th birthday of the great man....i will write a post soon about my thoughts for the day..well..on 30th January, 1948, the great man was assasinated...and what were his last words..(i think after the dialogue 'You too, Brutus' by Shakespeare's Julius Ceaser, this is the mostly remembered and quoted one..."HEY RAM!!!!")

Some extra musings - There are many controversies that surrounds this also..people say he was meaning to call Godse(his full name is Nathu Ram Godse)..whatever people say...i dont care..Gandhi was a man who stood by values...he is a lot ideal that any of us...and to congress..when u construct a new bridge somewhere in Gujarat, dont plan to call it Gandhi Sethu..ASI may come with an affidavit that Gandhi did not exists!!!

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